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Tuesday, May 22

{Look Book} Fresh Picked

Dress: c/o OASAP Orange Print Dress
Necklace: gift from my mom
Boots: FRYE
Carmen Short Booties

The moment I saw this whimsical orange-print dress, I knew I needed it!  Living in Orange County, I have a fondness for oranges.  The print screams Summer, and I was thinking how cute it would be to wear to the Orange County Fair (one of my favorite Summer places to go)!  It makes me smile every time I see it hanging in my closet.

Things got a little wild at my house yesterday.  I was walking out to my car, and I noticed my cat playing with something in the grass.  I walked over and discovered she was playing with a snake!!!  And not just any snake, a RATTLESNAKE.  I screamed so loud I think the entire neighborhood heard me.  I was able to get my cat and dogs inside so they wouldn't get hurt, and luckily my kids were at school so they were safe as well.  After getting my pets inside, the snake slithered away.  I had no idea what to do?  Has anyone ever experienced something like this before?

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh I LOVE that dress! It really is the perfect summer dress and you rock it girl :)

    About the rattlesnake.. we have them all over here in Lake Isabella.. be careful because when there is one there are usually more.. they start coming out this time of year and really are dangerous but can be confused with a less dangerous snake the gardener snake which imitate their rattling noise.

    Hope your having a good week so far :)


  2. I LOVE this outfit. I love everything about it! You wear it so beautifully too!

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