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Monday, January 21

My Favorite Beauty Products // 2013

I love to discover new beauty products, hair products and cosmetics. I've put together a list of some of my absolute favorites.

1 // NARS Pro-Prime Primer SPF 30 // I've spoke about this product before and it continues to be on my must-have list. What I love most about it is that it has an SPF so that I don't have to use one in my moisturizer. It's very lightweight and doesn't clog pores, like many SPF products that I've tried before. It also is the perfect base under foundation or powder. It makes foundation go on smoothly and stays put all day long.
2 // Dr. T's Supergoop! Everyday Lotion SPF 30 // This is my favorite sunscreen for my body and for my kids. It's paraben-free, water resistant and has a high UV protection. I love that it's not greasy and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. It leaves my skin so smooth and even my kids love this. If there's any advice I could ever give, it would be to make sure to wear SPF EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
3 // Clarisonic Aria Skin Cleansing System // This product has completely transformed my complexion. After hearing rave reviews of this device, I finally took the plunge and bought one last year. My skin has never looked or felt better! I have always struggled with break-outs and clogged pores, and this has almost completely eliminated that problem. My skin looks healthier and clearer than it ever has before. This is an investment worth making.
4 // Fresh Soy Face Cleanser // My favorite cleanser, and works wonderfully with the Clarisonic. It's all natural and gentle, but cleans wonderfully and never dries out my skin. Truly a wonderful product.
5 // Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat // This nail polish gives you a salon-quality gel coat that makes your nails stronger and healthier and stays on for at least a week. This is my go-to product when my nails are feeling week or damaged. It gives my nails a healthy glow and shine, and it whitens the tips.
6 // MCMC Fragrance Pheonix // I received a sample of this perfume in a BirchBox and I'm completely hooked. I'm not a perfume person, but this smells warm and slightly sweet and not perfumey at all. The scent is a mix of floral, vanilla and peach, but it doesn't smell like you've just left a bakery. It's quite sophisticated and soft. 
7 // NARS Velvet Lip Gloss Pencil in 'New Lover' // I am a lipstick and lipgloss addict, but after discovering this lip pencil, I've forgotten about all my other lipsticks. It has the perfect amount of shimmer, it makes my lips look lush and healthy, and it stays put for hours. 
8 // Benefit They're Real Mascara // No "best beauty product list" would be complete without this mascara. This mascara is the best. It makes lashes look long, full and never clumpy. It's dramatic and amazing. 
9 // Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner // I think I've tried every shampoo and conditioner on the market, and this is hands-down my favorite. I have damaged, color-treated hair that pretty much has a mind of it's own. This product magically makes my hair smooth, silky and it doesn't weigh my hair down. And to top it all off, it smells wonderful.
10 // T3 Single Pass Whirl Styling Wand // This is my newest tool, and I love the curls that it creates. It creates the natural, beachy waves that I wasn't able to create with my traditional curling iron. And the curls stay in place and last all day long. I love it!

Now it's your turn.  I'd love to hear what products you've been using and loving.


  1. I'm obsessed with the benefit mascara......it's amazing!

    I went to IMATS this weekend, and got to try out tons of new products! I'm in love with a new exfoliant I found by ORG Skincare. Totally organic, gentle.....works wonders!


  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I have Been on the hunt for some good beauty buys! I think that shampoo and conditioner are calling my name!

  3. My fav conditioners I can't go without:
    - RX Protein hair mask by FEKKAI ( this is my #1!!)
    - Glossing conditioner by FEKKAI
    - marrocan oil hair mask
    - 'its a 10' hair mask

    I think I want to try this curling hair tool- I've heard other ppl say good things about this type of tool too.

    Cheers from a Brazilian,


  4. For me, a facial cleanser is always at the top of my list. I just cannot live without it! :P I use it every morning after waking up and every night before going to sleep. It removes dirt and make-up, leaving the skin clean and good-looking.


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