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Thursday, February 21

Guest Post & Giveaway: The Life of Bon

Hello friends!  I have a treat for you all today.  Bonnie from The Life of Bon is taking over Shannon Heart's. You are going to love her!  And don't forget to enter her amazing giveaway at the bottom of this post. I'm passing the blog over to Bonnie...

"Why hello there.
The name is Bonnie Blackburn Larsen and writing nonsense is my game.  I’m mostly just a little girl who is all of a sudden a grown, married, working, society-contributing woman who thinks she can still stay up late and shake her booty at night clubs.  But I can't.  My job, where I try to teach high schoolers the difference between a semi colon and a comma, starts at the unforgiving hour of 7 am.  So alas, my days of booty shaking are over. I like ice cold diet cokes and boiling hot baths and stacks of books to read in my blankets when it's pouring rain outside.  I write my blog so that I won’t take life so seriously- it helps me to laugh at the ridiculous and to appreciate the beautiful.  Blog posts vary from avoiding traffic tickets to kitchen catastrophes to dirty conversations overheard in high school bathroom stalls.  You know, the juicy stuff.

Below you will see the picture of the guy I married.  His name is Greg.  But don't call him that.  From here on out we refer to him only as Hubs.  All hail Hubs!  We met when I was reading on a balcony and he was walking across the parking lot.  He told me the pink streak in my hair was looking mighty fine and I demanded he come up and make me dinner with his shirt off.  Eight months later I was throwing a bouquet.
I like roses, high heels, perfume and everything girly.  I eat bowls of cereal with the milk overflowing.  I've got a hot head and a sharp tongue that is rarely controlled.  I've been known to burst into tears for no reason.  I am passionate about reading and writing and reality TV.  Long eyelashes are my guilty pleasure.  On Saturdays I do my best to sleep until noon and when I go on vacation I think I've died and gone to heaven.  Painted fingernails are my epitome of femininity and a diet coke my cure to every curve ball life throws at me.  
I be the bride!  And sorry if I have thoroughly confused you with my ever changing hair color.

Well I'm out of clever monkey tricks to impress you all to come say hi.  It's all I've got, people!

Oh yah, I forgot.  Follow me blog (and yes I said me on purpose. Sometimes I like to feel like a leprechaun) to win $25 to J.Crew.  (Which will buy you half a pair of socks. J. Crew, why you gotta be so expensive?!)

See you on the flip side.  Or on my blog.  Whatever works."


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Giveaway terms & conditions: Open to residents worldwide. Giveaway will end on Feb. 28th at 10:00am PST. Winner will be selected via random.org and announced on this post. Best of luck!

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  1. What a treat. Love the intro, Bonnie has a new follower.


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